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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Ep 8

Warning, May Contain Spoilers

Susan the Grand Express decides to move Sam Ho from the clothing section to the hair accessory section with Susanna. She will also replace June's place.

Susanna finds out herself that it was Tavia who did all that stuff to make June leave.

Tavia thought she would replace June but instead Sam Ho did. She is sad but she knows she should b happy for Sam Ho.

On the other hand, Charmaine hurts her leg, Moses passes by and founds her. She kinds finds out Moses is pretending to be dumb. Then KC comes and takes her away.

Susanna had an idea for some event and was going to tell Choi Sheung Gong but then Michelle found the idea and told Choi Sheung Gong before Susanna can. Susanna was sure it wasn't Sam Ho who told her. She was suspecting Gam Ling and Gam Ling passes by and heard it.

Moses pretends to have some illness and wants to get away from the palace and live peacefully with his mother in the outside world. He reveals to Sam Ho that he was pretending to be stupid the whole time.

Susan the Grand Empress gives Moses and his mother some medicine, but infact some poison which MAY heal their illness, but they know they don't have any illness, which will kill them if they drink it. The servant comes in and tells them to drink it.

Ep 9 coming...

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