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MR Episode 9
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 9 Linda becomes a doctor, she was on the way home, and she sees a car and bus crash, she helps the people come out and Raymond arrives and helps her. Linda's jacket and shoes were full of blood, so Raymond goes buy a new jacket and shoes for her. Linda starts developing feelings for Raymond. Raymond goes to the hospital with flowers, Linda thinks its for hers but it wasn't.

Moses kissed his boss to save his job, he thinks his boss likes him. He then tells Tavia, he lost his 'FIRST' kiss.. (lol) Then he found out his boss actually doesn't like him, she didn't fire him for the last few years was because of Michelle, but this time she really couldn't stand it anymore and fired him. Tavia told Moses to rememeber this very hard, she bites him on the hand.

Raymond and Tracy used to be couples but they broke up and now back again. Then, after a dinner with raymond's family, she decides to brake up again. Linda was just there and saw everything.

Raymond told everyone when he went back home. They tried to cherr him up. They all wanted to kiss him, including Sa, to cherr him up. Then they played a game, Raymond covering his face and then he choses someone. He first chose Sa, but he refuses, then second time, he got Linda.

Linda kissed him on the cheeks, both sides.

My Comments: Where they were talking about the dinner and preparing for the dinner, they showed alot of family warmth, I really liked those bits. RayDa scenes were okay too. I liked more of Moses and Tavia scenes, they were a bit more funny, especially Moses. Lol, first kiss.

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