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D.I.E - Episode 21
Note: Since recently I haven't been making screencaps of anything, i decided to screencaps scenes of Derek and Margie.

The Confession
This scene was quite funny, really liked it, first of all, Derek got pushed to give soup the Margie and then Margie's Mum's Sister (Sa) kind of made a prank on Derek. She said Margie is going to get married to America or something. When he heard he ran to the wedding shop and thought Margie was inside a changing room. He banged and confessed! Then the person inside opened the door and Derek was shocked it wasn't her. Then he looked back and saw Margie.

Then later Margie accpeted derek, they were very happy, then as the screencaps you can see, Derek tried t hold Margie's hand but then suddenly someone called out 'Ah Long' (Roger's Name) then they looked back and it was actually a owner calling its dog. They were shocked and decided to play underground love since they know Roger won't like Derek because he's a police and he would have dangers at work.

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