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Scenes I like:
These are little scenes I like in 'A Journey Called Life', I wasn't gonna make these screencaps but I was bored so...yeah...Later if there are any romantic or even funnier scenes I see, I will take some screencaps and show everyone. Later there might be some D.I.E screencaps.

Episode 5 - Elaine trying to show her tattoo

Linda and Elaine goes to 'Yum Cha' with Steven's family and Kent's family to say sorry about something. Linda told them it won't happen again and then Kent's wife said:

Kent's Wife: Phew! I hate those people with tattoos!

Elaine: Tattoos? I have one!

Steven's sister: Really? Where is it? I don't see it

Elaine: You want to see? I'll show you!

Elaine tries to take her shirt off and show her tatto but then Linda stops her, like in the screencaps. I think Elaine acts so crazy in this series, especially in this scene.

Episode 5: Cockaroaches

Linda is going to move houses and then her family was wondering if she stole something from them so then one of her step brothers took her luggage away and then Linda pretends to hide something and her step sister snatches it and runs to her mum and opens it together and then all these cockaroaches come out and crawl on them and they all scream.

What do you think of these scenes? I like the second one more...hahas, they're not really funny but just a little...

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