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Legend of Demigods - Episode 1 - 5 Review
In the first episode, right at the end, Benny pushes Sunny into the lake, Linda go saves him because he cannot swim. Linda doesn't drown but a water ghost pulled her spirit away and she dies.
Her step-mother is actually a godness, she finds out, so she goes to hell to find her and saves her out of it. Linda gets saved and everyone thinks she died.

Benny and Sunny are at the "Wong Dai Sin" Temple to pray for Linda. Linda comes and sees Benny hitting Sunny since Sunny's character is always sleepy. Linda sees it and she decides to pretend to be a ghost and scare them, but in the end, they found out coz she tripped.

Linda found out her step-mother is a godness and when her mother went down to hell to save her, she pulled out a thing out of herself to put on Linda's body. (So hard to explain, you'll get ot when you watch) And when Linda comes back to life, she can fly a little. She asks her mother to teach her magic but she refuses. Linda jumps off a cliff to see if she can fly, half way she falls and saves by her mother's weapon. Later, her mother gives her weapon to Linda since she got her weapon to obey her easily.

On the other hand, "Wong Dai Sin" comes down to the human world and gives a sword to Sunny. Sunny doesn't know he is "Wong Dai Sin".

Nancy appeard already in episode 2, she starts fighting with Linda and Sunny in ep3. Linda cannot fight over Nancy. Then Suny became more sleepy, he knows he cannot sleep at such time. He uses the sword to stab into his leg so he won't fall asleep, just then, the sword went red and some spirit went into Sunny and fighted Nancy.

Sunny keeps wondering why he suddenly turned like that, he accidentally put the sword on dung. Stephen Au comes out, as a sword spirit. Sunny gets scared and thinks he's a ghost. Later, Stephen Au tells Sunny his story.

Halina Tam appears, she pretends to be a godness and helps Benny with his things. They all think she is a godness but she isn't. She is the grand wizard but currently, they have not yet said in the episodes 1-5.

Again, they see Nancy again. Sunny asked Stephen to get into him to fight. Stephen comes out and sees Nancy bare foor and says something and quickly gets back in. Halina Tam comes and saves them. Later, Stephen says he will not look at anyone than his wife's foot.
My Comments: Sunny and Stephen are so funny! Sunny is stupid and dumb but its so funny! Looking forward to see more episodes! I will post all episode screencaps but when i post once, there will be 5 episodes, the next 5 episodes will be next week. Coz I haven't seen it yet! LOL

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