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rosy business review
name: rosy business
episodes: 25
genre: ancient
cast: sheren tang, wayne lai, ron ng, susan tse, kara hui, kiki sheung, nancy wu, suki tsui etc

*warning: may contain spoilers*
my comments: this series was good! i loved watching it. most of the ancient series aren't that good too. and the first i saw the poster and stuff about rosy business, i wanted to skip this series but when i heard so much praises about this series, i thought maybe it will be good. so when i started, it WAS a good series. every single scene was good, there were many exciting scenes. some of my favorite scenes were in the beginning how sheren won't give up saying the thrid son. and when pierre and his mother called everyone to force sheren to give back the keys. and ep 22 how the lam official wanted to get sheren and wayne back to jail and they were aruging and etc and also in ep 24 how wayne was talking about his life. it was awesome. there were many good and exciting scenes in this series.
it was a pity how they made so many people die in the end. i really didn't expect kiki sheung and kara to die. i knew elliot ngok was going to die and kinda knew wayne would too. they didn't make it SO tragic about wayne's death, it wasn't like usual how the main character dies and everyone would cry. also, i do find 'some' similarities between sweetness in the salt and rosy business. in the last episode of rosy business, where pang hang steals everything from the 'chiang' family and ties them up in a bunch reminds me of sweetness in the salt, in the first few episodes, raymond wong's family got tied up like that. and also how in rosy, the thrid son got taken away just like how raymond wong did in sweetness. but if u compare the series, rosy will definatley be the better series.

sheren tang (hong bo kei) - oh i really like sheren's character, like i said, she was very strong and she was very smart too. i really admire that. she was so clever, wonder where she get these ideas, well wayne's ones were more hilarous.

wayne lai (chai gau) - chai gau's character in the beginning only thought about himself, was stubborn and etc. sometimes i found his character a bit useless, that was in the beginning though. but i liked his character, but i like sheren's more. i loved those scenes where he speaks out what he's thinking to everyone in the crowd, like the ones i said before.

ron ng (chiang bi ching) - bi ching is funny, i like his nickname, bi chun. his father calls him that too ^^ many people say they thought ron would be like the playful son in rosy but maybe coz i read some thoughts about it before, i didn't think that at all when i started watching, but maybe the bit where he was holding that bird cage, might make you think that.

susan tse (yan fung yee) - i really didn't like her in the beginning. but i do understand she wants to protect her son and everything. i find her very annoying in the beginning, her smartness is the annoying thing. she's smart but she uses it the wrong way and she doesn't teach her son well but instead helping him do the wrong thing.

elliot ngok (chiang kiu) - he was okay to me. he was wise kinda. i liked seeing scenes how he was like watching ron and suki on the street and then they started holding their hands, that was hilarous, he's followeing his son?! haha

kiki shung (pang kiu) - i didn't expect her to die in this series at all. at first i thought her character would be as annoying as susan's but in the end, i don't think she was that annoying, she was naive. i can't believe she actually think chiang kiu doesn't have feelings to her.

kara hui (lau fong) - she was okay, her character was very weak. it was very appealing, i thought she'd be the one that doesn't speak and everything, but a little different from i expected. i loved seeing the scene how she was slapping susan and shouting at her.

nancy wu (suen hoi tong) - i didn't like her character in the beginning. i thought she was very...weird?! but i started to like her character afterwards. she really loved wayne in the end. but i can't believe she idn't jealous at all that wayne always talk about sheren and etc. maybe coz she knew he doesnt excatly like her but yeah. her character was quite emotional in the end.

suki tsui (yau mun) - i liked seeing her and ron scenes, they were funny, especially how she cheats on ron every single time and every time ron falls for it. haha. that was funny. her acting was okay i guess.

pierre ngo (chiang bi mun) - he's annoying. i hated him and got why people hated him so much after he said he found the thrid son when ron was the actual one. so annoying how everyone was thanking him. but was good watching his father get mad at him.

lei seng cheung (pang hang) - haha, he is funny, love his expressions, like those shocked ones. OH! and did i mention! I totally LOVED the scene where that "wong yea" was at "mo sek" and then wayne was complaining how the fees were so expensive and stuff and then wong yea's reaction was funny, no pang hang's was more funny, do you know which scene i mean?! can't explain in english properly...

actor: wayne lai
actress: sheren tang
least favorite character: pierre ngo
improved character: ron ng
couple: ron & suki i guess?
scene: the ones i said above.
my rate to this series: 9/10 (lol, i never give full, coz i recon nothing is perfect..)

worth watching?
YES! definatley, i never really said a series is definatley worth watching, but this is. it's very good. and even the people that dislikes ancient series say its good.

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