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MR Episode 40
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 40 Michelle gives 70% of the bakery to Linda. After two hours, Linda gives them back to Ha Yu and Lousie, the real boss of "Ka Hao Yuet Yoon" Michelle gets mad and slaps Linda.

Linda and Bosco getting married and getting back together was fake, it was to lie to Michelle. So after giving back 70% back to Lousie and Ha Yu, Linda and Raymond got back together.

Also, Michelle had to go jail for three years.

On the other hand, they finally had more scenes of Moses and Tavia. It was Tavia's birthday, Moses tricked her saying no presents. In the end he gives her a huge teddy. They start talking about the future, saying they want to get a huge huge house with sons and daughters. Moses then fell asleep, Tavia was worried.

Four years later, Moses was alright, he didn't die. Tavia had children, three years in 2 go's.
They all sing a song for celebrating Moon Festivial. Also, Michelle came back out and turned good.
My Comments: Tavia and Linda's hair looks nice after four years, escpially Linda, it looks better than before! Review will be up soon!

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