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The Silver Chamber of Sorrows - Episode 20
Note: Not my screencaps again...
Jack and Charmaine's Marriage?! Shirley founds herself in love?!

Charmaine Li asked Jack to come out and talk, Charmaine asked Jack if he can marry her so then their child can be surnamed 'Sheung' since Matt Yeung died, he doesn't have anymore sons. Jack refused Charamine. Charmaine was sad and ran off but she also told Jack that Matt died was actually part of her. She accidentally pushed him. Not really push but they were aruging. Jack didn't chase after Charmaine, then later Jack and Ng Wai Kwok came and looked for Charmaine. They found her off a cliff and then bought her to the hospital. Then Jack ased Nancy Sit if he can marry Charamaine, he said Charmaine can't walk anymore is because he didn't run after her. So he decided to marry her. Shirley then felt a bit sad.

When the family heard that Charmaine Li's leg can't walk again, everyone was sad, Shirley came out and wanted to buy a toad for Charmaine, which helps her leg. She was still scared but eventually she bought one. When she went, she saw Jack and his dad holding things to prepare for the wedding. They talked a bit and Jack's dad reminded Jack, when they marry, he's 'Sheung' families people, he cannot do anything wrong to them. The later on, they went, Shirley was depressed as seen on the screencap.

Then when Shirley went back, she was cooking and also she was crying too. She was sad that Jack is going to marry Charamine. Then Christine Ng came in and saw her. Shirley told her that she found herself in love with Jack. When Christine Ng heard that, she told her that she could've made them marry instead. But Shirley said it's okay.

My Comments: sad. This is the second last episode though. HK showed 20 episodes but I'm watching 21 episodes. Can't wait to see the last episode!! Can't wait to see what happens to Jack when Paul Chun wanted to kill him and Ng Wai Kwok. And also what will happen to Shirley and Jack! So Cute that Shirley found out she's in love with him ^^ Btw, has everyone realized that Charmaine Li is always involved in 'Love Triangles'? Like in The Seventh Day?

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