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Charmaine's Expressions in FH2
Which EXPRESSION do you like?

Ready to Shout at Someone?!

Just Pretty?!


My Comments: When i watched this scene, I really liked Charmaine's hairstyle so i decided to do some screencaps. What do you think? I like the one how she smiles! So Pretty and + her lovely hairstyle. And next I like the worried one! Its actually just thinking and listening for all of them but they look like other expressions! And the picture below! I screencaped it and Charmaine looked pretty which atually she was blinking! Funny?! 2 new polls will be out now! Was gonna do it later but since I did this post, I'll show the new polls. One of teh polls are related to this post!


Poll Results:

Which EXPRESSION do you like of Charmaine the most?

Worried?! – 7% (3 Votes)

Thinking?! – 14% (6 Votes) - 3#

Ready to Shout at Someone – 9% (4 Votes)

Just Pretty?! – 21% (9 Votes) - 2#

Smiling! – 46% (19 Votes) - 1#

Total Votes: 41

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