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The Gentle Crackdown II - Episode 14
Note: Sorry, I took some sceencaptures but it wouldn't let me put them up so I used pictures from the official site

Episode 14 was one of the best episodes I've watched from 'The Gentle Crackdown II' It talked about mostly everyone and some touching scenes etc

Steven Ma had to help Yumiko Cheng from dieing so they had to get married, but Steven Ma does not know that Yumiko Cheng is in love with him. Evergreen Mak thought since Yumiko Cheng is only a normal girl, she would do something wrong while they are just only pretending to get married. Unforunately, Yumiko is acually in love with him and Evergreen Mak made them to say their love story. Steven Ma started it: (I can't really remeber it so there might be wrong

Steven Ma: Well, when I first knew Yumiko, I thought she was a really boyish girl. And then I started to like her but then I thought, I'm in a rich family and Yumiko is just from a poor family, my parents can't accpet her, I shouldn't be falling in love with a poor girl.
Evergreen Mak: Well then why did you now marry with Yumiko?
Steven Ma: Oh, this is because, recently I have found out that Yumiko had fallen in love with someone nicknamed '死老坑' so then I couldn't sleep and eat
Yumiko: No, don't cannot sleep and eat, if you do, my heart will hurt
Steven Ma: Why are you saying that?
Yumiko: Because '死老坑' is you
Steven Ma: Oh, I just knew that... (shocked)

There was another scene I was to talk about, it was quite touching to me

Yumiko was married to Steven Ma, then she was at their ansectors room asking them to help Steven Ma: (I am not right at what they said, but mostly should be)

Yumiko: Please, can you please help Steven Ma? If you do I will promise you all I won't eat meat, even if you have to separate us, I won't mind, as long as Steven Ma is safe. You know, when I started to like Steven Ma, every dream I had was being together with him and him carrying me till we are really old even till he only has one teeth. I don't want him to die before me.
(Steven Ma saw most of it)

This scene, I find it kinda touching, it wasn't exactly the same as she said, since I can't remember and can't be bothered watching it again or watching it off youtube and I also don't have sceen captures for this one too.

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