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MR Episode 6
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 6

After Lousie shouting at Susanna in the last episode, 4 days later, she invites everyone to dinner. She tells them that the case is getting better and after having dinner, she'll be leaving hong kong. She also gave presents to them. She gave raymond a english dictionary, moses one of those lucky cats, fala a whistle and tavia clothes. All the things she gave actually have a bad thing behind it, saying raymond don't understand english, moses will lose, fala can't talk and tavia still doesn't have a job yet. Then Tavai suggested that they should give her back a present. They said they'll sponser her a ticket, "One Way Ticket" Then she said, "I will be back"

Later, Linda's family were going to celebrate that she can be a doctor. She then remembered that it was her that wrecked raymond's life. Raymond was actually quite smart back then, bur due to Lousie he chose to work at the bakery to help out Lousie. And plus, Linda was the one who gave the letter to Ha Yu, so that Michelle and Ha Yu got back together again. She told raymond about it, she was sobbing so much, trying to say sorry. Raymond forgave her.

Later, Moses needed two more models for his ad for moblies. There wasn't enough time to get people so he asked Fala and Tavia. They helped him out and eventually, Tavia got a job as Moses assitant.

Moses is too into his 'Gou Pel' that he even goes into the toliet and watch how its going. Unforuntely he gets caught and Tavia told everything to Lousie. She was upset about it and told Moses off. Moses promised to not touch it again but in the end he didn't. Lousie heard that he kept playing. She was very upset.

My Comments: They're kinda strting to talk about Tavia and Moses i think. Can't wait, now I'm starting to look forward to see Tavia and Moses more than RayDa. They seem more interesting. But then both relationships aren't in enough for me to judge. lol. But then I don't get in the end how Tavia and Moses fall in love.. i mean even though they don't live with each other anymore, they did before and they act like siblings anyway...but sounds interesting.

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