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MR Review
Moonlight Resonance Review My Comments: This series was overall quite good. Firstly, I want to say, sorry about the spoliers from before, some were wrong, eg Tavia had cancer, she never actually had cancer in the series. Sorry about that. Okay, back to the review. Everyone did very well in this series. There were alot od "Golden Words" in this series which can reallt teach us life. My opinon, this series can also maybe tell us "This is how life goes" I think this series can teach us that, there are lots of different people in lives so don't be too naive. Kinda reminds me to "A Journey Called Life" I hope everyone overall enjoyed this series, it also teaches life a little in my opinon.

Ha Yu (Jo Bao): His acting is obviously quite good. His crying scenes were alright. I don't have much comment about him.

Lousie (Hor Ma): Lousie successfully did a good role model of a mother. The things she say, the things she do, are nearly all positive.

Michelle (Yan Hon): Michelle did a great job of being evil. Though, I was excepting she would be even more evil! But glad she changed in the end.

Susanna Kwan (Sa Yi): I realy like her role, she's really funny, Out of all characters, from above, I'll chose to like her most. She's very funny. Like I said before, I also think that Sa Yi can be a example telling us don't lie too much, like how Lousie said in a episode.

Raymond (Goun Ka Zai): Raymond's character didn't really make me like him much in the beginning. His character was quite boring compared to "HOG" But towards the end, I begin to like him more.

Linda (Ah Chau): Linda's character was okay, I didn't have anything against her or anything, until she said she's going back with Bosco again, I started to think she's a mind changer, but luckily, it was a pretend. Her character was alright, I liked her hair after four years though.

Moses (Ah Ka): Moses character was funny too, I love this character. But have a little feeling he didn't do as well as "HOG" Maybe its just me, not sure. But I loved his pairing with Tavia.

Tavia (Ah Yuet): I love Ah Yuet! She can be stubborn sometimes but she's actualy a nice girl. Her acting improved heaps. Tavia looked alright with glasses in the last episode.

Fala (Ah Heng): Fala's mute role was cute and sweet. I didn't like Fala before but know I like her more. Her little love story with Dextor was cute.

Bosco (Ling B/Dr. Ling etc): Bosco's character was good. I didn't really hate him or anything. But i started to dislike him a bit when Raymond found out he was one leg on two boats. His character was more funny than Raymond's.

Kate Tsui: Lots of people hated Kate. But in facte I didn't, maybe because I knew she's going to be evil? But I didn't liked her much either. But towards the second last episode, when she turned good. I think her characters better.


Raymond & Linda: I loved that scene above, it was so cute. This pairing is good, their story is alright, they went through lots to get together. I give them 4.5/5.

Moses & Tavia: I love this pairing even more. Too bad they lacked TOO many scenes of them together. They just "HAD" to make their scenes till the end. Though I loved the story. I recon their relationship went through even more so i will 5/5.

My Favorites:

Actor: Raymond Lam

Actress: Tavia Yeung

Least Favorite: Bew Sak Kon

Faveorite Couple: Moses and Tavia

Worth Watching? I recon it is. But everyone has different opinons, you might not like it, but I recon its quite good.

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