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Series Review - The Four
The Four
25 Episodes
Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Kate Tsui, Selena Li, etc
Hard-hearted and smart Mo Ching (Raymond Lam) became a crippled when he was young. Fortunately Ching met Chu Kot Ching Ngo (Dominic Lam), the Head of the Sheriff Bureau, and learned from him his unparalleled skills of using concealed weapons. Chu has once helped the Sung Emperor recover an invaluable piece of article that the empire has long lost. To reward Chu, the Emperor re-opened the Sheriff Bureau. In addition to Ching, Chu has recruited Jui Ming (Sammul Chan) ? a cunning swindler, Tit Sau (Kenneth Ma) ? an honest guy, and the cold-blooded Lang Huet (Ron Ng) and called them "The Four". The Sheriff Bureau has cracked many difficult cases under the leadership of Chu. After having gone through thick and thin with the others, Ching has become a lot less arrogant. He has fallen in love with Song Chi Yin (Kate Tsui), an herbal doctor, but she is only using him to sow dissension amongst "The Four". This furthermore deepens the hatred between him and Sau. The King of Qi Chiu Cheong (Savio Tsang) and the treacherous minister Choi King (Lau Kong) are plotting to revolt against the Sung Dynasty. Chu risks his life to ruin their plan, but by doing this, he is also driving the bond between him and "The Four" to the verge of disintegration...

My Comments: I really like this series, its good I recon. It's not very bad. I loved Kenneth & Selena scenes, they were very cute and funny, as I always said. Watching from the beginning how they all four weren't brothers and slowly turning into brothers, were quite fun watching. I thought they were gonna make Raymond and Kenneth hate each other alot but they didn't in the end, but they did dislike each other a little, esp Kenneth. I liked watching them solve each case, maybe sometimes it can get boring, but most of the time, I recon its quite alright. I liked how Raymond turned crazy into a zombie! That was funny! XD LOL

Raymond was so heartless in the beginning in ep 1. Became better after having friends. His character was alright, I liked how he was so smart though. Also, like him with Kate. But I started to not like him much after seeing how he kinda betrayed Kenneth that they went to kill his brother.

Kenneth's character is not as smart, in fact a little dense, esp in the beginning. But I like his character. Very kind and honest.

His character was very funny, I liked him all the way through out the series. Too bad they didn't make him and "Yaw Dong" end up together.

I like his 'cool' character! He doesn't speak much but very cool! XD It was way more ridicous, they made Cilla into a nun and no chance for him to tell her that he actually likes her!!

Kate's character is okay, I don't hate her for the things she's done. I like both sides of her, nice and evil! LOLS

And lastly, Selena! Of coruse, I like her character. As I said before, loved their scenes, esp the bath scene in last ep and the one that they were stuck in the cell. I liked how Selena in the beginning was a girl that doesn't listen much and turns into a nice girl! XD

Actor: so hard to choose....ill chose all...
Actress: Selena Li
Least Favorite Character: Joel and Cho Gen
Most Improved Character: Selena Li
Best Couple: Kenneth & Selena
Scene: Kenneth & Selena scenes
My rate: 4.5/5

Worth Watching?
Well, I recon its worth a try, but I know not everyone likes these dramas. But try it! I have lots of people telling me that, it looks boring but when they watch it, its actually good. ;)

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