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Can't Buy Me Love Episode 3

Moses is married to Charmaine now. And in this above scene, all the princesses are together at the palace and they're all showing off their husband's skills. Charmaine Li firsts gets his husband to perform this big heavy rock and then hitting it into pieces, then Yoyo's flying these fire things around, Tracy's then used Moses and her husband flies knives. Edwin does the same with eyes covered. Then Fala shows off her skills and threw many.
Yeah and in the end when it was Moses turn to perform something, he said something stupid and got Charmaine very embarrassed.

It's the Moon festival and Charmaine goes to the Kam Family to celebrate. They eat and she suddenly starts a fight and said that Selena (plays Louis' wife) is hanging around with a guy. She reveals that it was her brother and her brother has been trying to get money from her and even trying to get her bracelet which was given by Louis.

Moses then faints because of the starvation. It's funny how Moses faint. He fainted twice in this episode because he was hungry! Haha.

Yay! Linda finally appears. We don't know the reason yet but somehow Linda was tied up by people? And was jumping and seen by Raymond, Moses and Louis mistaking her as a ghost. Raymond then saves her from some guys chasing after her. And finds out the 'ghost' was a girl.

We'll see what happens in the next episode ^^

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