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Curse of the Royal Harem Review

My Comments:
The series looked really boring and the cast was not appealing to me, but when I started watching it, it didn't seem too bad. I actually enjoyed watching this. It was more interesting than When Heaven Burns when they were airing together. I finished this yesterday, missed the last two episodes when I was in Hong Kong. The ending was alright I guess. Myolie's death was expected. I was guessing she'd die protecting Joel so that he knows she loves him since he was doubting her earlier. I didn't really enjoy watching Jessica that much, not that her acting was bad or anything, but her character was just boring to me. I thought she'd become really evil but she didn't until the very end. It was expected and obvious she will kill Nancy and Gigi, the last episode was kind of dragged on about her :/ It was so unnesscary of her to give Sunny that cup of poison tea. She seems to have changed a lot, but her change at the end seem so sudden and weird to me O.o Or maybe its just me xD
Anyway, on the other hand, I enjoyed watching Myolie's character. Was never a Myo fan, not that I am now but she did well. I liked how she was kind of evil, although I didn't find her to be that evil. She's seems to be pretty naive sometimes o.o Lot more interesting that Jessica though. I also liked her and Joel's storyline. I cried when they were dying :( Myo looked older than Joel though xD
Thought it was weird how they suddenly made Sunny sound so useless as an emperor. He seemed like a fine one all the way through excluding times when he was on drugs and then they made it like he was relying on women so much. O.o And lol @ where Jessica says "Ping Sun" before Sunny.
Hmm.. can't think of much about the series, I didn't fully watch the whole thing since I was in Hong Kong most of the time and not every night I'd be sitting in front of a TV.

My rate to this series: 7.5/10

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