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72 Tenants of Prosperity - 72家租客 (2010)
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My Comments: Seems like I finally watched this movie. XD It is one 'mo liu' movie but it was enjoyable. I'm not going to write a very long review about this. Just a short 'thoughts' about the movie. Yeah, it was quite enjoyable, it was funny. And many artists in the movie, sometimes you even need to pause and see who's there, especially in the beginning where they sing Sam Hui's song. They had people like Vincy Chan, Yoyo Chen, Ron Ng, Jacky Heung, Natalie Tong etc (Just saying those I remember) But i recon it was a bit stupid how they said Kate was Gordan's daughter and she seeks revenge from them, trying to bomb Anita with acid. How irony when they were deciding which wire to cut and Jacky Cheung goes "Why not try taking the batteries out first?" And it worked, And also like the scene with Myolie. Made me laugh ^^ I'll write up a post later about some funny scenes that I like. Bosco and Stephy's storyline was kinda romantic but Linda and Cho Lam's one is just weird. They feel in love so easily? They so don't match... Wasn't it a bit too 'easy' to decide who Anita (Fala) choose (between Eric Tsang or Jacky Cheung) (Or Justin Lo and Raymond Lam) in the flashback? With a coin O.o She should of decided herself. Anyway, I still liked the movie, it wasn't very realistic for them to hate each other for so long. But it was interesting to watch. I find funny how both of them have this vodoo doll and pins each other XD


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