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Series Review - Marriage of Inconivence
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Name: Marriage of Inconivence

Episodes: 20

Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Angela Tong, Toby Leung, Patrick Tang etc

Quick Synopsis:

Kwong Hoi Chun (Bobby Au Yeung) is married with Meow Meow (Angela Tong) for three years and one day, Angela Tong's ex-boyfriend came back to find her. And kissed her on the streets while Bobby was in the car and saw it but couldn't stop the car since it was a road not allowed to stop. On the other side, Toby came to Hong Kong to find a husband to marry but that wasn't the main reason why she came. But it was unsucessful and later on she married Bobby. Then Bobby and Angela both fighted for the house while Toby helped Bobby. What happened in the end?? If you wanna know, then watch it.

My comments:

This series is just a little better than TBBOL, the first episdoe was quite boring but it was a little funny where Angela Tong and Bobby Au Yeung started throwing things around the house which made a mess and then they started to eat beef. That was kinda funny but not really much. I didn't really enjoy this series, I've acually missed a few episodes of this since it was so boring, when I first saw the ad and everything, I thought it would be funny but it wasn't really funny but a little it is. Then I thought TBBOL would be better but then it was acually much worse. I was acually looking forward to watch more scenes of Toby and Patrick cuz I saw the themevideo showing them together and they looked cute together.

Main Cast Thoughts:

Bobby Au Yeung: I don't really have any thoughts about him, he did a good job though.

Angela Tong: I think this is my first time seeing Angela Tong with main cast, she did an well, but just not really used to her as main cast. Usually I see Angela Tong in other series' role as the thrid person of a relationship, I think maybe those kinda role suits her more, not that I hate her or something I would say that but no offense I think she does kinda look like those people but in real life I don't think so.

Toby Leung: This is my second time seeing Toby as main cast, she also did a good job but maybe not as good as the others I'd say. I've seen people saying she doesn't deserve this big role, I'm acually not really sure about this.


Actor: None

Actress: Maybe Toby Leung

Least Favourite Character: None

Improved Character: Toby Leung

Couple: Toby Leung & Patrck Tang

Scene: scenes talking about Toby and Patrck

My rate to this series: **

Worth Watching?:

Maybe, it is a little funny but I wouldn't want to watch it again, its just boring but not as TBBOL, don't have anything else to comment on this series.

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