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MR Episode 34 & 35
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 34 & 35Michelle wants to sell 30% of "Ka Hao Yuet Yoon" to her ex husband but of coruse Lee Huang Kum doesn't want to. She comes and ruins it, she goes to the table and rips up the paper.

On the other hand, Michelle's ex husband also hit Ha Yu causing his' vision to go weird again. He went to the hospital but he didn't say a thing about it was Michelle's ex husband hit them like that. When it was the Moon Festivial (again, the thrid time in MR) and they also hold a function in the shopping centre like last time and while Moses was handing out Moon cakes, he fainted. Doctors said his has heart problems. In the end of this episode, Ha Yu comes and ruins like Lee Huang Kum. Moses wakes up, Moses, Ha Yu and Lee Huang Kum is at hospital for this episode.

In the next episode, Jimmy (played by Matt Yeung) got hold of Kate because he knows the baby Kate has is actually his. Kate doesn't have choice so she kills the baby and and accidentally trips over when talking to Louise.

Kate then bames everything at Lousie that she made her lose her baby and cannot have baby again. Sa cannot stand it anymore so she starts hitting Kate and tells everyone the truth. When Sa was hitting Kate, Moses says: "Sa Yi, don't hit so light, hit harder!" That was funny.

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