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Series Review: Forensic Heroes 2
Forensic Heroes II Review

Name: Forensic Heroes II (Official Site)
Episodes: 30
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Frankie Lam, Linda Chung etc
Every contact leaves a trace
Every clue serves as a silent witness against crimeBomb disposal expert YEUNG YAT SING (Kevin Cheng) returns from England to visit relatives and he comes across a grenade case by accident. With his tactful and level-headed approach, SING is highly appraised by Senior Chemist KO YIN POK (Bobby Au Yeung) and is being invited to join the Forensic Division. In a little while, SING becomes the division’s rising star. By work, SING gets back in touch with his long-lost best friend KOO CHAK SUM (Frankie Lam). SUM serves as a forensic writer and he is going to get married soon.
Accidentally SUM’s fiancée LAM TING TING (Linda Chung) is killed in an explosion and POK’s police girlfriend LEUNG SIU YAU (Yoyo Mung) also loses the ability of holding a gun in the incident. YAU’s duties are passed to MA KWOK YING (Charmaine Sheh) from the Narcotics Bureau. Both SUM and SING find YING extremely charming with her smart and unfathomable characteristics in case handling.
Integrated the laboratory techniques, logical reasoning and forensic knowledge, the trio strive to fight against crimes tremendously. As they get to know each other more and more, the entangled triangle of love also starts to hinder their working relationships.

My Comments: At first, I wasn't anticipating for this series much. But when I started watching, I think it's quite alright. The forensic things are so fun and interesting to watch. It makes me want to be one of those forensic too. So interesting, finding cool things for every case. Not all cases were that interesting though. The cases I most anticipated for was Shirley's case and Selena's case. Shirley's case kinda disapionted me but Selena's case, which was the last case, didn't at all! It was the most interesting case throughout the whole series! Charmaine's brother case was interesting too. After watching the whole thing, I just had this feeling that I wanted to have a 'Forensic Heroes 3' It was smart to put another person for Frankie, which was 'Sharon Chan' At first, watching the themevideo, I though Sharon was invovled in one of those cases but she wasn't. She was in the last episode acting just like Linda's character in 'Forensic Heroes' Hope ther'll be a 3rd one and hope Sharon Chan will be in there! The ending was good actually! I quite lied the ending. I find it funny how in the first and last episode, Charmaine was both at a wedding party and both ran away and both ripped her shrit to run. Funny!

Behind the scenes/interview:
I watched like half an hour of a FH2 interview and behind teh scenes/NG's and stuff like that.
Kevin Cheng mentioned that his favorite scene he acted was the scene where he just had to lay on the hospital bed and Charmaine talks all the lines.
Charmaine Sheh mentioned that it was fun playing Madam Ma being so cold and mean. She Nged alot of times for the action scenes. She also Nged a few times for the last scene where she has to cry.
Bobby Au Yeung was the one with hard lines, saying all those scientific things. He Nged heaps of times for the scene shouting at the murderer that also injurged Yoyo.
Frankie Lam nearly dropped Charmain for the scene where Charmaine faints and Frankie carries her down.
Florence Kwok had an accident playing volleyball scene. She and Raymond Cho was aruging in the behind scenes video.

Main Cast Thoughts:
Bobby Au Yeung: His character was interesting, very smart and lots of scientific things to learn from this series and from what he's saying. But they should of put more Bobby and Yoyo scenes.

Yoyo Mung: Maybe they shouldn't of made yoyo go to another country to study, I missed seeing them. But I even missed seeing Linda and Frankie!

Charmaine Sheh: Charmaine's role was fun to watch! Very cold! But when she smiles, she looks pretty. Charmaine's real person, she smiles all the time but in this role, she's has to be COLD. Very interesting to watch. I kinda enjoyed watching her and Kevin. But I still like watching Linda and Frankie more. And also Charmaine's acting was great! Especially the last episode where in 10seconds, she has to have an expression of touched to cry out loud.

Kevin Cheng: His character was kinda funny somehow... I also liked parts of him with Frankie. Brotherly Love?! Especially where the bomb bombed them in the boat.

Frankie Lam: I missed sooo much seeing him and Linda. But it was good that they added Sharon Chan in the last episode. Hope to see a FH3!!!


Actress: Charmaine Sheh

Actor: Bobby Au Yeung/Kevin Cheng

Least Favorite Character: None

Couple: Charmaine & Kevin/Frankie & Linda

Improved Character: Macy Chan

Scene: Romantic scenes and some cases scenes

My rate to this series: **** - 4/5

Worth Watching?

Well I say its worth watching. A good series, though it may not be as good as the pre-sequel, give it a try i you haven't but I guess nearly everyone has.

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