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A Journey Called Life - Episode 13
Linda Starting to have feelings for Steven

Stephen Wong and Steven's smallest sister is getting married, they were taking photos and then, Steven suddenly pulled Linda's hand and pulled her over to take photos. And then the person taking the photos asked Linda to smile more and put her head upper. Then they took a photo together.

When Linda went home, she was on the computer looking at the pictures they took today together. Linda looked at a picture with Steven, Stephen, Steven's smallest sister and herself in it. She scrolled to Steven's picture.

My Comments: So Linda starts to have feelings for him now...soon, the next episode, there will be more scenes of them together and more exciting than these ones. I first thought maybe Steven confessed to Linda and then she might get really shocked or something, but now, it won't. Episode 14 screencaps coming soon...And I've aldo made a Steven and Linda banner, putting it up soon, maybe Sunday.

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