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Legend of Demigods - Episode 21 - 22 Review
Linda turns old because of Halina's curse, Linda goes back to town, everyone thinks she has died but she has turned old. No one can realize it was her and everyone in fact starts disliking her but later she got liked. When she diecided to leave the town, the grand wizard stops her and tells Benny and Sunny that Linda hasn't died, if they would their senses, she would tell them where Linda is. Sunny is willing to and Linda tells Sunny that she is Linda. Then Linda changes back to young but it is actually the second level of the curse, she grows old 10 yrs everyday. The grand wizard came and also turned the whole town into pigs except for some.

Linda turns back to very old, they heard that there will be 1999 medicine from the godnesses, so they stole it so they can cure the whole town and Linda but unforuntley, Linda is the 2000th. She didn't end up eating any.

Linda knows she will die soon, she wants to get married with Sunny so they do.

Linda dies but then her tear drop, drops onto Stephen and Nancy's swords that has melted into a ball and somehow Linda's curse was lifted and she came back to life. She also thought she was in hell and seeing Sunny, she thought Sunny died with her too. (LOL)

Of coruse, the grand wizard is mad about this, she came and swallowed Linda, Sunny and Benny. Later they got out of her snake stomach by attacking her organs which will make all her thousands of years power go away. They did and Halina's great enemie, before they were together but due to some reasons. Yeah, he came and gave "his" organ to her and they turned into a snake with teo heads.

Linda, Sunny and Benny turn into godnesses. THE END!

My Comments: This series is good!! ^^ Sorry, some of my summaries, you might not get coz I haven't explained like every single scene, only the important scenes. And like finally I've finished with the screencaps when I finished this series a while ago already..LOL Review will be up soon.

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