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Forensic Heroes II - Episode 15
Charmanie's Past Love
Charmaine left her pen in Frankie's car and didn't notice at all. She thought she lost it and was depressed. She say by herself and then Frankie comes and they talk. Charmaine then tells him about her past lover. She said she didn't believed in 'Love at First Sight' but after knowing 'Jason' she knows. She also said, the pen she had was presenting happiness with her past lover. They were going to use it for their marriage but then...

When they were getting married, a guy named Alex came in and shot Jason to death. Alex was a guy that liked Charmaine but Charmaine had no feelings for him at all. They only went out once but Charmaine never said she liked him. Then after hearing Charmaine saying she doesn't like him, he shot himself in the head and died.

At the hospital, Charmaine looked quite strong, but actually not really. They waited and the familes of the guys are all blaming Charmaine. When the doctors came out, they said they can't be saved. Charmaine was very sad, same as the guys parents. Then Alex's mum called Charmaine that three word again, meaning giving bad luck to death the husband.

Ater telling Frankie's her past love, Frankie then found Charmaine's pen and he gave it back to her. Then Kevin comes and they were actually going out to see some concert. Then it ended like above.

My Comments: Awww....Charmaine's past love ws so sad...everyone was blaming her. So mean but then I also feel sad for them too, their sons died...

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