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MR Episode 18
Moonlight Resonance - Episode 18
Moses and Tavia was having lunch and Tavia wanted to record Moses shouting at Michelle so she asked for it. Moses was playing around and then said, "You like it? We can't, we're silblings" Tavia felt a little awkward and later said "You're stupid! I'm Lo Lou" Moses replies, "Lo? Where I don't see"
Fala and Dexter was back again, they found out that it wasn't Dexter but was his mum that stops him from dating a girl that can't talk. Her mum had lunch with Lousie and everyone else. After a little story talking about their past, they left and then told Lousie that she didn't want his son to marry someone that can't talk.

Dexter really like Fala, he went to their house to have dinner, then the second he went in, his mother came too. His mother tried pulling him away. Just then Lousie comes home and says all these things. She unterstands why a mother doesn't want her son to marry a girl that cannot talk after all those days they have already been through when he was small.

Later, Dexter's mother sees his emails and text messeges from Fala. She gets touched and learns hand geatures and says its actually not very hard to learn them and she accpeted Fala.

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