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Greatness Of A Hero Review
Name: The Greatness Of A Hero
Episodes: 20
Cast: Kent Cheng, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Sunny Chan, Leila Tong etc

My Comments:
This series was overall alright. Before watching it, I thought it'll be very boring. But when I started watching, I don't find it that boring. It was alright. Though I admit I missed a few episodes due to studying and cbb reasons. I don't have alot to say about this series because it wasn't the best nor the worse. But I have to say teh ending was quite sad, most of the important characters died like, Sunny Chan, Sonija Kwok, Wayne Lai and his son. And others like Mimi Chu. They all died very tragically.

Kent - His character was alright, was so sad that he didn't step out and has to see his wife die.
Sonija - She died to tragically ==" So sad!! And... her character wasn't very interesting too.
Bernice - Her character is alright.
Sunny - He's alright too, died once again so tragically ==" Bernice was so sad when he died.
Leila - I like her character the most, see why I used her picture for this review?? XD haha lols
Wayne - His character was cool! I don't excatly like his character or something but great acting!

Actor: -
Don't have one particularly.

Actress: Leila Tong
Leila's character wasn't the most interesting, but I recon alright. Luckily she found out that it was Kent's family who made her family all dead.

Least Faveorite Character: -
Don't have one.

Most Improved Character: -
No one either

Couple: Leila and Stephen
Sunny and Bernice was good too. But I think they're alright too. And kinda like them more ^^

My Rating: *** 3/5
Worth Watching?
I think its alright, give it a go.

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