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The Four - Episode 24 - 25 SK Review
Selena, Vivi and others gets caught by the government because they all have turned into crimes. And Kate gave poison to them to eat. But later, Kate saves them and gets all the poison into her coz the poison cannot be cured.

After everything has settled, Selena's eye hasn't recovered yet. She goes into Kenneth's room where he is bathing and pours water into it. She says since she can't see it doesn't matter. Kenneth starts asking her about themseleves and asked Selena would she marry him if her eye recovered. Selena says yes.

Just then, Selena's eye suddenly recovered. And Kenneth was so happy and asked Selena to marry him. Selena embarrassedly said yes.

When Selena and Kenneth was walking around the streets, Blue Sky Clan's brothers come to Selena and wishes she will return to Blue Sky Clan. Selena then says yes.

But their marriage will be cancelled.

My Comments: In the end, none of the couples end up together. Weird, You can say Selena and Kenneth's love story is the best out of all. So weird, they can still get married if she becomes the leader of Blue Sky Clan..
Review of The Four and Ending of Four Couples will come soon...

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