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SOS Review
The Speech of Silence ReviewName: The Speech of Silence
Episodes: 20
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Elaine Yiu, Chris Lai, Clarie Yiu & etc.
TONG TONG (Kate Tsui) loses part of her hearing in an accident but she has a positive attitude towards life and she knows how to take good care of others. With the support of her mentor KO MING (Yue Yeung), TONG becomes a voice over talent by utilizing her lip reading ability and she meets another voice talent LEUNG KAI YIN (Kenneth Ma) who also has keen interest in the industry. YIN is fond of the leading voice actress YUEN SIU NA (Claire Yiu) and he asks TONG to be his matchmaker. TONG suffers from a lack of confidence to exhibit her love to YIN so she prefers to help achieve his wish.
YIN and TONG soon become the famous couple of the industry and their career grows swiftly. However, TONG’s younger sister CHAI KA YEE (Elaine Yiu) suddenly commits suicide after losing her love. In order to rescue YEE, TONG loses her hearing completely. YEE is deeply ashamed for causing the tragedy and CHEUNG YAU (Chris Lai) consoles her whole-heartedly. After the trauma, TONG abandons herself completely and she hides away from everybody including YIN. During the time, MING’s voice over team suddenly breaks up and YIN is the only person staying behind. MING is helpless and he urges TONG to return.
My Comments: Before I watched this series, I was anticipating for it alot. But it kinda disapointed me a little. It was as good as i thought but I still kinda liked it though. I thought the ending wasn't that good. Especially where Kate changes her mind in the last episode, in the train station. Don't you think that was a bit too quick? Guess they didnt have much time to film more? But they could of cut some useless scenes, like how that lady was gonna give birth and suddenly the lift stopped. That scene for stopping the lift was COMPLETELY useless. They should of cut it off, they weren't important characters anyway. But still, I enjoyed watching this series, it was just the last bit I didn't quite like, the rest are okay. I actually like watching Elaine and Chris more, they were more a funny couple, I was going to screencap every single of their scene coz I liked most but couldn't be bothered since internet is super slow.
Main Cast Thoughts:
Kenneth Ma: Kenneth did great, I like him more and more, this character was better than others he had. The other characters he had before wasn't likeable, not counting SL2.
Kate Tsui: I used to kinda dislike Kate, but now I think she's okay. I don't hate or like her. Though she's more in my okay list. Looking forward to see her in Moonlight Resonance, she's gonna be evil, haven't seen her evil before.
Elaine Yiu: I enjoyed watching Elaine LOT! She and Chris was funny! But then I didn't really like Elaine's character in the beginning, that she likes people that are rich. But her character was still cute.
Chris Lai: He was okay, really liked him and Elaine, he acts quite funny sometimes...
My Favorites:
Actor: Kenneth
Actress: Kate
Least Favorite Character: Stephen (Herbert)
Couple: Kate & Kenneth (The Double 'K')
Improved Character: Elaine
Scene: Elaine and Chris Scenes
My Rate to this series: 3.5/5
Worth Watching?
Yeah, I think it is kinda. You can give it a go.

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