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When Lane Merges Review
Name: When Lane Merges/情越雙白線
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern, Safety, Traffic
Cast: Raymond Wong, Kent Cheng, Kate Tsui, Sonija Kwok, Raymond Cho, Elaine Yiu etc

My Comments:
Well, I never anticipated this, it looked very boring to me, the cast wasn't appealing at all either. I didn't like anyone other than Elaine in here. I was surprised when I heard the ratings were quite well. You can say it's actually quite good, it wasn't as boring as I expected... It's overall okay to me. I didn't dislike it or like it ALOT but it was kinda enjoyable at times.

Not going to talk more here, more of my thoughts on characters...

Raymond Wong (Ho Ka Bo/Turbo) - Didn't expect Raymond to take a main role so fast but he did well, I enjoyed watching him, from bad turning back to his good self. I enjoyed watching him and his father communicate in the beginning, it was quite funny. It wasn't so funny afterwards, he cared for his father a lot.

Kent Cheng (Ho Kau/Taxi Gor) - I think Kent is quite funny in a way of his sayings... he loves saying people's brain are eating grass or poo meaning that they're stupid and sometimes calls people a 'shit person' But I don't like how he didn't really like Kate and wanted his son to marry Sonija instead. I mean what's wrong with Kate? She's not bad...?! Sonija is good too.

Kate Tsui (Ko Lai Sum) - I personally find her full chinese name funny, maybe I've heard it somewhere? I just find it weird... O.o Lol, I wonder why... I liked the ending part where Turbo chases for her in the highway and shouting to her to tell her to stay and etc, that was cute ^^

Sonija Kwok (Cheung Hiu Man) - I started to like Sonija's character more towards the end. Well, she was always nice. She can stand her step-mother being mean to me, she even let away her loved one to be with another one. She pretends that she remembers everything again to get Turbo to get Kate back. Like her character for that, she's very nice ^^

Raymond Cho (Au Yiu Jun) - He loves his wife but he's a bit over protective... But watching their relationships go through obstacles was enjoying :)

Raymond Wong & Kate Tsui (Ho Ka Bo & Ko Lai Sum) - I prefer them as a couple more that Turbo with Man. Don't ask me why, I just do. There were sweet parts of them, especially loved the last part of them. They started off as like enemies but became friends afterwards. I actually missed some episodes like where first Turbo asks Lam Sum out...

Raymond Wong & Sonija Kwok (Ho Ka Bo & Cheung Hiu Man) - They never really started in the series other than their past. Man knew Lai Sum likes Turbo, so she gets them together, I thought she was going to fight for him in the last episode seeing the preview, but I guess I was wrong? She let him go and find Kate again. This love triangle is a triangle that pushes around I guess..

Actor: Raymond Wong
Actress: Both Kate & Sonija
Least Favorite Character: -
Funny Character: -
Couple: Raymond and Kate
Scenes: The ending scenes
My Rate to this series: 6.9/10

Worth Watching?
Well, it's not a really MUST watch series nor a series that you would not want to watch at all. Maybe when you have spare time to do nothing, give it a go? It's alright overall.

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