happy 3rd anniversary
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POT Banners
"Pages of Treasure" Banners
Click on the banner to see the banner more clearly. Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

01. the family
i made this one looking more simple since its the while family. This banner is alright i think.

02. bickering couple
i like this one, i like the effects and the font of the words.

03. love triangle
i like this banner the most, the effects are nice. I like this love triangle too. ^^

04. happy and laughs
I like this picture but the banner is made weirdly i recon. the happy and laughs was randomly made. I had nothing else to say.

05. who am i gonna chose?
this one is alright ok i guess? it's not as good as the ones above.

06. sweet couple~
this banner is the worse, i don't like it.
please everyone tell me your comments about these banners. i recon they're not as good... only like 3 of the banners only.

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