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Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Ep 7

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Charmaine made a wallet type thing for Kevin. Obviously they like each other now

Tsui Ma Ma is rided!! XD

Tavia caught June trying to change her make up. June begs Tavia not to tell Susanna. Tavia says yes but in the end, she wears the make over that June took and was crying to Susanna. June gets kicked out.

When Tavia was talking to June when she was leaving the Sheung Gong place, Charmaine walked pass and heard everything. We all know that Sam Hao is "good" so she kinda got mad at Tavia.

On the other hand, Mandy is a girl that has been waiting for the king for 8 yrs and finally a chance to see him. He begs Susanna and Michelle to make her something nice but in the end Tracy takes it. Charmaine then made a hair accesory for her that glows in the night.

Coincidentally, the king saw Mandy and she became a concubine "Fei"

Ep 8 to come...!!

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