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Divas in Distress Episode 6 [Him&Mandy]
Yes, I started watching Divas in Distress. It's been okay. I especially look forward to seeing Him and Mandy's relationship. I liked episode 6, had many of their moments. They're so cute ^^ 
May contain spoilers.

Well here, Him sees this graffiti and thinks its really artistic and decides to find out who it is. And yes it is Mandy. The police caught her doing the graffiti so she was running away and Him didnt realise it was her yet and drives his car trying to find out who this artistic person is. Wind blows her hat and Him picks it up. She looks down from the bridge and there they see each other.

Before, Him has already fired Mandy. So she goes to his office to find him to get her hat back and waits for him. He pretends to be busy and makes her wait a long time. She leaves... and LOL Him calls her back and then wrecks the room she was renovating and put all the blame on her and force her to finish the renovation. 

 Him also tries on the hat, that was hilarious. He thought it was no taste, the hat. Someone then knocked on his door and he quickly takes it off. XD

Well Him always teases her, he made her work during lunch time. He keeps thinking about her even in the restaurant. That was so cute ^__^ He even bought lunch for her but then he thought it'd be weird so he dropped the lunch and wiggled it around (its clean ofc, with the plastic bag and box) and gave it to her and the lunch was all messy when she opened it. XD 

Later, Him finally gets Mandy to attend this meeting and stuff. He gave her a portfolio with details all in english. Obviously Mandy does not understand English so she refused and they got into a more serious fight. And Him told her he already chuck her hat away which made her sad and kinda cried. (The episode also mentioned earlier that Mandy didnt cry even when she fell on the ground as a kid) So for her to cry must mean it was something very precious.. something from her parents I suppose. 

Next episode preview, I saw Him giving her back the hat :) Anticipates ^^ Might take some more screen captures. Makes me wanna make an MV of them xD

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