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Three Kingdoms RPG Review

Name: Three Kingdoms RPG/回到三國
Episodes: 25
Genre: Time Travel, History
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan, Sharon Chan, Kaki Leung etc

My Comments: 
*spoilers ahead*
Well, I have anticipated for this series since I first heard it coz I really enjoy watching dramas about going back to the past or coming to the modern times. Overall, this series was pretty interesting and funny with Kenneth around. But I really disliked the ending. I dunno whats with TVB these days, there havent been a good ending lately, same with Witness Insecurity. There's no POINT in making Kenneth die, nor make it after 30 whole years. So unnecessary, and then you see Tavia come from the past but she doesn't look old and yet you see her sad face. It would of been way better if both Kenneth and Tavia travelled in time and back to the present and they live happily ever after. Kenneth's been suffering so badly.. I don't think the audience would love to see that. I also wanted to see they talk a bit more about Chu Kot Leung (Raymond), Lau Bei and the others. It would be nice to see if Kenneth actually told a few people that he was from the future. He disappears into thin air and everyone's like WHERE IS HE?! And wont even have a clue he was from the future. They could of also at least make Raymond and maybe a few of the others appear and bid their farewells before he leaves... the ending is like SO incomplete... one of the worse endings ever for me. Why have there been so much bad endings this year... sigh :/
Anyway, aside from the crappy ending, there have been better scenes. Without Kenneth's character, the series would be pretty serious and dull. I especially loved how he incorporated many hk slang into the three kingdoms. Loved when Lau Bei and everyone called the woman "Sei Bat Por" It was also funny seeing Fan Gan slowly adapting to his language and even using it. But sometimes, I wonder how do the others like Raymond understand him.. I mean our current language is SO different from the olden one and esp when Kenneth used so many slangs. I think "A Step Into The Past" had many those moments which were quite entertaining. 
The last battle was interesting and awesome, making the boats get on fire through chains. One gain from watching this drama is knowing the history of three kingdoms. Never learnt china history, it was interesting. Also liked how Ray fooled Cho Cho and got so many arrows from him, that was a awesome idea, so ironic with their way of gratitude to them. I loved how Kenneth just sneaks away quickly after Cho Cho finds all his ships are on fire. 
I wonder if the events that happened in the past because of Kenneth's ideas/suggestions were because it was like a chain where Kenneth is fated to go back to the 3kingdoms to make them happen, not that its even important. 

Kenneth Ma (SzeMa Shun/Vincent) - I loved Kenneth's character, he was very funny and made the series way more interesting. Although in the beginning, he was a bit annoying, doing unnecessary things, being very immature and etc etc. It was nice to see him grow. I loved how he kept saying Raymond was handsome and chok, and even told him to make a "chok" face before he leaves. Still hated the fact how they couldn't meet each other before he left and they were such good 'brothers' too. :/

Raymond Lam (Chu Kot Leung) - His character looks boring but I guess it wasn't as boring as I was expecting it to be. His character is pretty smart but sometimes and i think many people also thought that his wife is even smarter. 

Tavia Yeung (Song Yau) - Well, to be honest, I thought Tavia's character was pretty boring and plain. I feel sorry for her how she loves him so much and gets rejected. But feel even sorry for her how she couldn't be able to EVER hear Kenneth telling her he loves her. Its sad they never really got to start a relationship. I was also expecting better and cuter scenes of them but most of them weren't :/ 

Ruco Chan (Chow Yu) - Hehe, he's evil. I don't like him that much. I liked how Kenneth said his wife (Sharon Chan) had Princess Syndrome. 

Kaki Leung (Wong Yuet Ying) - She was.. okay.. she's pretty smart and very considerate. I liked how Raymond cares for her so much. I didn't like how she didn't like Kenneth so much but of course thats normal since he did say something terrible to her but especially didn't like how she assumed and blamed Kenneth for taking Ray out to drink.

Actor: Kenneth Ma
Actress: Tavia Yeung
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Kenneth Ma
Couple: Kenneth & Tavia
Improved Character: N/A
Scenes: the funny ones
My rate to this series: 7.5/10
Would get a 8 prob if there was a better ending.

Worth Watching?
Other than the crappy ending, I thought it was pretty interesting to watch, the historical events were all very interesting and with Kenneth's character, it made the series funnier. 

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