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Ghetto Justice II SHORT Review
This is gonna be just a real brief review... 


Name: Ghetto Justice II/怒火街頭2
Episodes: 21
Genre: Modern, Law
Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sam Lee, Alex Lam, Raymond Cho, JJ Jia, Christine Kuo

My Comments:
Thought the series started off pretty interesting but not like it was really all that good to be honest and it slowly got kinda boring... Well, not very very boring, it was still watchable. But I really see no point of cutting 8 episodes of Witness Insecurity for Ghetto Justice II. I don't see anything that good in airing this in such a rush. Was there another reason...?! O.o
Anyway.. I realised all the cases they used (i THINK all...) are real cases in Hong Kong with their own adjustments and stuff, like the police case with Raymond and others. I thought it was pretty interesting using real cases into the drama, I think many HK people would probably like seeing it. Though it might be boring sometimes seeing the same old cases. The ending was very expecting, glad he didn't need to go to jail again lol. 
I didn't like the addition cast of Christine at first since she might affect Kevin and Myo's relationship. Glad she didn't affect as much as I thought it would. Most dramas I've seen really affect alot but glad it wasn't a lot, just a bit here and there. But I still didn't really like her character that much. I really enjoy watching Kevin and Myo's relationship, like how they muck around and stuff. I liked how Kevin was saying he wouldn't go find Myolie until she finds him but he ends up buying flowers for her LOL. I thought it was a waste how they didn't mention Kevin reailse Myolie made him a cake and bought Egg Tart + Milk Tea for him. Both those scenes ended with Christine's interference :/ Wish he had realised... 

Kevin Cheng (Law Lik Ah/LA) - Really liked the character Law Ba, he's hilarious, funny and smart :) Its funny how he always doesn't seem to care much and eats a lot xD It was sad seeing how his friends and people in Sham Sui Po kinda abandon him when he was helping Raymond... they won't believe in him.. when they've known him for so long :/ Personally find it a bit sad how they can do that... 

Myolie Wu (Wong Sze Fu/Kris) - Still find her chinese character name funnt ^^ Sometimes I think Myo's character is a bit too stubborn?! :/ She seems to go against Kevin's plans all the time with cases. Sometimes I find it a bit too exaggerating how they always (well only twice i think) are the only lawyers coincidentally hired by both sides of the case to fight each other. It's like their the only good laywers in HK or something lol.

Sorry, i cbb writing the other characters. Feeling so tired right now.

Actor: Kevin Cheng
Actress: Myolie Wu
Least Favorite Character: N/A.. or maybe Evergreen..?!
Funny Character: Kevin Cheng
Improved Character: JJ Jia
Scenes: N/A
My rate to this series: 7.5/10

Worth Watching?
It'd say its a drama where you can choose to watch or not. It's not something you HAVE to watch nor NOT watch. But overall, the drama is alright. 

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