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Witness Insecurity Review

Name: Witness Insecurity/護花危情
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern
Cast: Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Paul Chun, Ram Tseung, Cilla Kung

My Comments:
*warning, contains spoilers*
I looked forward to seeing Bosco and Linda and their story were pretty sweet and romantic. They developed slowly and I liked how Linda is so in love with Bosco. Luckily he did like her back but because of many reasons, they never got the chance to start, even at the end. I didn't expect the police friend of Bosco's to die, I thought he would end up with Cilla but I guess not. It was surprising at first but it seems TVB loves making people die these days, including Bosco. I really didn't expect him to die. Its pretty sad how he dies in front of Linda and thats how the story ends. Must be hard for Linda if the series continues since she has psychological problems and facing two big problems, Bosco's death and her father going to jail. Her uncle too. Other than Bosco and Linda's love storyline, the rest were okay, some parts of the story were pretty boring too. I was a little shocked that Bosco would be fired as a police. I also thought that Bosco protecting Linda at the beginning would be longer since the series IS called "witness insecurity" plus the chinese title means protecting. I didn't like how Paul keeps interfering into their business and how he gets people to follow Linda. 

Bosco Wong (Hui Wai Sam) - For some reason, it feels like I haven't seen Bosco in a long time?! LOL xD Haven't seen him as the main character in a while. I liked how he was so dedicated to his job being a police. I didn't feel as much of his love towards Linda compared to Linda loving him. But it was really sad how he died. They didn't even get the chance to properly start going out. 

Linda Chung (Kiu Chi Lam/Hailey) - I enjoyed watching Linda. It was sad for her how she watched her brother die and then Bosco die D: Life seems hard on her. And she has psychological problems too. I don't see how Paul Chun doesn't see that Linda is getting better because of Bosco. I liked how Linda started to open up to Bosco and started to develop feelings for her. 

Paul Chun (Kui Gong San) - I didn't like Paul's character very much but he did a great job acting as Kiu Gong San. I recon he doesn't really know his daughter so well but he acts like he's the only person for her. He tries to protect her but in fact is hurting her. 

Ram Tseung (Kiu Gong He) - Lol wiki called him a villain, find that funny. But yea I really liked his character, he was really funny. He was way nicer than his brother is.

Cilla Kung (Lee Hau Yan/Jojo) - Well typical brat character for Cilla. Didn't like how she's such a brat and plays around with relationships...kinda.. but was nice to see her change because of Ba Da's death :/ There I thought they would end up together, no wonder there weren't much of their scenes in the theme video... they should of made another police die instead... 

Actor: Bosco Wong
Actress: Linda Chung
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Ram Tseung
Couple: Bosco and Linda
Improved Character: N/A
Scenes: Boda scenes
My rate to this series: 6.5/10

Worth Watching?
Overall, this series was average. The only thing I enjoyed about this drama was the storyline of Bosco and Linda. But yea again sadly he died... a sad ending :/ Liked how they added their song as he was dying though, made it even sad :/ 

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