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House of Harmony and Vengeance Review

Name: House of Harmony and Vengeance/耀舞長安
Episodes: 30
Genre: Ancient, Dance
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Evergreen Mak, Sire Ma, Yoyo Chen, JJ Jia, Angela Tong, Oscar Leung etc


My Comments:
I never anticipated this series, always found the love triangle between Myo, Bobby and Linda to be weird. The series was very normal..and neutral..  it was not very interesting but wasn't too boring either. I really liked most of their costumes and hair accessories from this series. Some of the hairstyles look quite nice too. Disliked Myo's 'normal' one with no fringe. That was horrible. At first I thought this was going to be very serious type dancing series but it wasn't as serious, nor funny either. The fact that its 30 episodes was pretty shocking to me since this series does not look like nor needs to be 30 episodes... I thought it was somewhat draggy and the last episode totally rushed it when they said Evergreen and Linda both forgave Myolie and Bobby so quickly... They looked so evil before like they wanna crush them and the next second they say they forgive them... Was a bit too fast... It'd be better if they gave it a bit more time maybe?! But anyway the dancing in the series was very beautiful too. Overall like I said before, it was neutral and average, don't have much to comment about this series really XD Let's move on to the characters.

Bobby Au Yeung (Kiu Bo Lung/Tai Ming But) - At first I thought Bobby would be one of those really really nice characters but hmm, not very i guess. Pretty unexpecting to see him kill the guy in first episode, tho it was an accident. How Myo and Linda's misunderstanding got so deep, had some connection to Bobby I recon. He let Myolie rise to the top really quickly and was very nice to her which also added a factor to Linda disliking Myo. 

Myolie Wu (Lei Tsoi San) - Thought her name was really weird. Typical character, nice, started off living a normal life.. etc. Not much to talk about her character. 

Linda Chung (Bin Yuk Yin) - At first I thought Linda getting a more different type of personality character compared to her other characters was a nice thing, she did a good job portraying this character but her character is kind of unlikeable. She takes pride too highly which resulted in her misunderstandings with Myolie, although like the incident with her shoe being ruined by JJ, it was obvious not Myo's doing but she accused her for it. I seriously thought she was blind at the point where she and JJ decided to make Myo embarrassed when performing. She seemed really evil towards the last few episodes but all of a sudden you see her starting to forgive Myolie... I also thought she didn't really like Bobby that much and it was all because she thought he was Kiu Bo Long. Was random and lol at the end where Linda said, "I like Lam Fung" and then corrected "Yuk Shu Lam Fung" LOL XD 

Evergreen Mak (Kiu Bo Long/Ko Yan) - Pitied him a lot when he lost both his identity and memories. But also find his character to be very 'blind' when he turned ish evil and tried to kill Bobby in many ways. How ironic for him to forgive him after Bobby stabbed himself when he WANTED him to die all along.. I guess TVB had no other ideas for him to forgive him... 

Angela Tong (Chu Lam Yuet) - I never really enjoyed Angela's characters but in this, I liked how she was so strict to her dancing students. Thats pretty much the only thing about her here lol. xD

Sire Ma (Kuk Yuen Yuen) - I liked Sire and Yoyo's sister bond. A very innocent character but didn't like her so much since she seemed like a very weak kind of person. Her character turned slightly better towards the end where she kind of 'grew up' more you could say lol. 

Yoyo Chen (Kuk Wan Wan) - On the other hand, I like Yoyo's character more like Sire's, she's more strong and reliable compared to Sire although she has a heart disease. I didn't how she started to blame Sire for her misfortunes. Also really enjoyed watching her and Oscar's relationship. 

JJ Jia (Lau Cheuk Law) - I disliked JJ's makeover when I first saw her, it was too strong for her I suppose. I prefer her in more innocent type characters but this one wasn't too bad. Her character wasn't that hateable or anything but she did many wrong things. I liked her plain look when she talks to Linda in the last few episodes, suits her more. And her fluency, I think she did improve, but its still not good yet. I guess modern series are better for her at the moment until she improved more. I thought one of the dances she did with the umbrella and ball was.. SO SIMPLE!! (not that I can do it, but i meant like it seems more like those performances you see on streets than elegance type dancing...) 

Actor: Bobby Au Yeung
Actress: Myolie Wu
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A
Couple: N/A
Improved Character: N/A
Scenes: Dancing scenes?
My rate to this series: 5/10

Worth Watching?
Uhm.. I guess not?! xD Choose something better. 2012 TVB Series have not been interesting really... 

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