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Gloves Come Off Review

Name: Gloves Come Off/拳王
Episodes: 25
Genre: Boxing, Modern
Cast: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Selena Li, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu, Kenny Wong, Power Chan

My Comments: *contains spoilers*
Well, this drama looked super boring and unappealing to me from watching the trailers and promo clips. I guess it wasn't as bad as I have expected it to be. It was actually pretty interesting. However, I find there are many random and weird points of this series that was pretty unnecessary too.
- How Natalie died. That was VERY expecting to me and also not necessary at all. I had a feeling she might be killed by Power when she was evasedropping their conversation, but was hoping my prediction was wrong. 
-Both Power and Katy's roles aren't so necessary either. Both of their characters are so twisted too. Katy is the character where everyone would hate, she's one of those characters where I really hated, usually those type of personality people would probably be nice to family, but she is the exact opposite, trying to even seduce her own sister's husband! And as for Power, his character's development was kind of abnormal, he was seen as a normal and nice character at first but he just suddenly turned into such a weird character within one or two episodes, starting from being a pervert trying to 'watch over' Nancy and then still thinking he has done nothing wrong when he nearly caused an uproar. And even so, the point how he 'murdered' Natalie, he still says it was not his fault, even if it wasn't an intended murder, its still your wrong doing. Because of Natalie's unexpected death, I thought Nancy was going to die too, but luckily she didn't. Also, the way Power suddenly dislikes Kevin was a bit weird, it wasn't such a big matter and there he goes hating him and the whole boxing team saying they were all looking down on him o.o 
- And then its Selena's character. I liked and enjoyed watching her the whole way through, she didn't appear as much as I expected though which is kind of sad :/ First thing I didn't expect from her character was she actually married Edwin. I thought she would probably say I don't in the wedding but she didn't. But anyway, that wasn't too bad but the weirdest and most unncessary thing was they said Selena got Alzheimer (i think its called?! according to wiki) Is that really necessary?! Sadly, she also forgot about Kevin the end. :(
Anyway, those were the weird points of the drama I thought. Overall the drama was not bad and pretty interesting too. I also thought that Raymond was going to turn really bad like a villain like Power, but nup, he only turned a little bad for a few episodes and he eventually regretted his actions. It was still really bad seeing how he and Katy got together leaving Natalie behind. But what's with TVB making characters dying surprisingly out of no where for?! I remember this happened in another drama, i forgot which one it was though. The boxing scenes weren't very interesting though. Maybe coz I personally don't like watching it?! o.o That was also why I never anticipated this drama. The ending was... pretty normal, it didn't seem like an end of episode to me for some reason lol. It was expected Selena would forget and appear. 

Kevin Cheng (Tong Sap Yat) - I liked Kevin's character. He started off as pretty mysterious kind of in the beginning and it then slowly reveals his identity. At first I thought he would still be very pro if he starts fighting again but it did take him a while to defeat Raymond. I also enjoyed his and Selena's storyline, but as he said in the end episodes, he was pretty stupid not to fly to Singapore with Selena when he had the chance to. Edwin didn't really need to die, but I think he suicide?! (correct me if i'm wrong, i missed the ep)

Raymond Wong (Pat Ka Sing) - Raymond started off as a very annoying and immature character in the first episode but he gradually turned out alright. Like said before, thought he was going to turn real evil but didn't. Didn't like seeing him and Kevin's brotherhood ruined but luckily he turned back to the good side pretty quickly :D

Selena Li (Chai Pak Fai) - At first I thought Selena's character would be a very strong minded business woman and also a very strict one. Although she was strict, they didn't talk much about her and the business, maybe thats why it didn't seem like she was so business minded?! I liked how she cared for Kevin and his son so much and didn't mind they were poor and stuck with them. Sadly, many unfortunate events occur to her. 

Natalie Tong (Yam Ho Kau) - Like Raymond, she's seen as a very childish and immature character but she matures pretty quickly after marriage. Felt so bad for her when Raymond started going out with Katy :/ I liked how she was so strong after everything, but sadly, she died... :/

Kenny Wong (Ko Wai Ting) - Like how I thought Raymond would turn really bad, I thought that Kenny would too. But it turned out he wasn't all so bad the whole way through. His character wasn't disliking, he doesn't try to complete his goal from using dirty tricks unlike Power. I didn't like his wife, Polly (played by Florence Kwok) at first coz she was making it worse for Kevin and Kenny. She was over thinking about how the boxing matches were more like a fight between Kevin and Kenny. Later on, she turned alright. I didn't like seeing how Kevin and Kenny weren't brothers anymore when Kevin found out the truth, it was a shame. But in the end, Kevin was able to forgive him, was glad to see them once again as brothers. :)

Nancy Wu (Ting Yan Chi) - I was expecting Nancy's character to be a bit more interesting but I guess it was alright in the end. I felt really sorry for her how she couldn't voice out her feelings to Power when she was trying to break up with him and in many other arguments and conversations with Power. 

Actor: Kevin Cheng
Actress: Selena Li
Least Favorite Character: Katy and then Power
Funny Character: N/A
Couple: Kevin & Selena
Scenes: None in particular
My rate to this series: 7.5/10

Worth Watching?
I think its not too bad despite the weird points of this series. I'd say give it a go and see if you like it. I thought it was pretty interesting :) But you're going to feel Power and Katy's character are very irritating and furious at them. xD Power's character is really wtf O_O... at least to me XD

Enjoy~ :'D

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