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Queens of Diamonds and Hearts Review [Short]
Name: Queens of Diamonds and Hearts/東西宮略
Episodes: 25
Genre: Ancient, Comedy
Cast: Roger Kwok, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Koni Lui, Oscar Leung, Raymond Cho etc

I actually didn't know this drama was a comedy at first, thought it was one of those very serious ones xD But the promo clip looked funny. In the end, the drama wasn't too bad, it was enjoyable at times, but I don't think 25 episodes was so necessary, 20 was enough really... I felt some of the episodes were pretty draggy. I enjoyed watching Fala and Roger's relationship slowly develop but I hated seeing how he didn't believe in Fala at all at the end and especially when she's done so much for him and the country. I knew Roger did 'something' which made Fala decide to see him again but didn't know what it was, i was guessing it was gonna be something touching or cute or some sort but lol, didn't expect it was simply a
Sharon's character was pretty annoying at times... especially how she got manipulated so easily and thought Fala caused her miscarriage. And those "yeaa" thingys she says.. = goosebumps. I also thought the person that was helping Sharon with fighting Fala was so fake... her acting was really fake and stiff.. no offense okay...

The story got more interesting when they swapped their souls around, that idea is being used so much in everything lol. But its always interesting for me, if they make it funny that is. XD There were a little cliff hangers at the end of each episode of the last few, luckily it was aired consecutively ^^

Actor: Roger
Actress: Fala
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: N/A?
Couple: Roger & Fala
Scenes: ... n/a
My rate to this series: 6/10

Worth Watching?
Well it can be funny at times, as I said before, it wasn't too bad, but not the best :)

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