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Daddy Good Deeds Review

Name: Daddy Good Deeds
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern, Family
Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Ha Yu, Edwin Siu, Cilla Kung, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu, etc

My Comments:
I never expected myself to enjoy this drama! XD It started off pretty boring but slowly it got better. It's pretty slice of life but I really like how families are so united and caring for each other. I can totally feel the family warmth from the Ko family. There are many dramas where theres these families that are united and yeah but I don't feel the family warmth from him.. eg. Can't Buy Me Love. No offense, just me opinion. xD They had many other dramas in this too. By the way... the disney land scenes from the opening and the picture above... was it ever shown?! I really don't remember seeing the disneyland scenes.... I don't remember missing any episodes either.. 
I thought everyone did a very good job portraying their role and making the family so lively and happy. I've always liked the couple Linda and Steven but thought they had been couples onscreen so much but their storyline wasn't too bad, although the series was focusing on family more. Sometimes, I even think if there's any such family like that... Not like my family is united or anything xD But... they seem a BIT too united?! lol, but i still liked it :) Oh and I like how the family always talks in sync and how one follows after another and also it rhymes XD
Also really like Steven's father's character. He's a very funny character. At first you'll think he's so selfish doing all those selfish acts but you can't dislike him coz he's so funny, but also he can be pretty nice and all at the same time, like when he agreed without saying anything to help Ha Yu at the end.
Oh I loved how they added the NG clips at the end of the episode!! XD How long has it been since TVB put NG clips at the end of an episode.

Steven Ma (Lam Fat) - At first i thought Steven's character is going to be like very lazy type.. and immature but yea that was the first impression but it slowly turned out he was pretty opposite. I liked his character for how he cares for his father so much and he's pretty hard-working. I also really liked how he told Ah Yap that he liked Linda and he will fight for her with him, coz there's so many dramas I've seen where the guy stays quiet and even thinks about giving her up which is... stupid in my opinion... (eg. Love Rain, watched 2 eps, dunno whats happens after...)

Linda Chung (Ko Yu Chu) - I also like Linda's character even though its pretty ordinary. I liked how sometimes she talks a bit exaggerating, like the tone. I thought it was really funny how she most of the thieves that she arrested are like from flukes... especially the one near ending, she totally broke his elbow accidentally and realised he was a criminal! xD Lol with the twin and revenge.

Ha Yu (Ko Yi Man) - Ha Yu did a nice job playing the father. It was nice seeing how happy he was to see his children willing to take his place for jail. And also how he treats Evergreen as his own child even though he's not.

Edwin Siu (Yip Kwai/Yap) - Yes, like everyone does, I also really like Ah Yap's character. He's hilarious! I found it really funny how they thought he was gay and how Sharon's name was like a man's. And in the hospital, he said all things that they were suspicious of him. 

Cilla Kung (Ko Yu Bo) - I really liked Cilla's speech from 'The Voice' it was very touching. :) Hehe, at first I thought she was going to become a celebrity or something, guess not xD. She was pretty immature at the beginning. 

Nancy Wu (Wan Yuen Han/Wendy) - At first I thought her character would be those typically wives where they go stirring up stuff lol but she was a bit different, I liked Nancy's character ^^ I was surprised she said she'd be in Ha Yu's place for jail O.o lol. 

Actor: Steven Ma
Actress: Linda Chung
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Edwin Siu
Couple: Steven & Linda
Scenes: Lol the funny ones, there were many funny scenes :D
My rate to this series: 8/10

Worth Watching?
I don't know about everyone else... but maybe coz I personally like slice of life genre?! Lol i dunno, but I found it pretty alright and enjoyable to watch. Give it a shot I'd say, its really heart warming with the families. :)

Btw, here's the NG Clip:

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