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The Hippocratic Crush Review
Name: The Hippocratic Crush/On Call 36小時
Episodes: 25
Genre: Modern, Medical
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Derek Kwok, Gigi Wong, Ben Wong and many others.

My Comments:
I never anticipated this drama coz I personally don't really like hospital kind of dramas, i dunno why so dont ask xD But this drama was unexpectedly good. Just the first episode has started to draw me in continuing with the drama. While I was watching this drama, i felt there were these little arcs of each story, Andy and his grandmother, Tavia and her illness, Kenneth and his brother and others. Although I dun like these genre series, it was very interesting to watch, the medical part is also very interesting, its like gaining more knowledge. Hopefully the drama and the actors will get some recognition :D I felt that and I'm sure everyone also did that its like the drama split in half how they focused on medical part in first half and bunched the relationships towards the end. I personally thought Kenneth and Tavia's relationship was pretty new and fresh, (not the couple but how they got together) it may just be me but it just seems really different to me and interesting to watch. It was sweet how she wrote letters for him everyday. I dun get the point of making Yat Hong dying though.. it was pretty sad how he died. :/ There were a number of touching scenes in this drama like how Yat Hong got to stand up in his wheelchair!! And the wedding vow part of Kenneth and Tavia. I also really like those Kenneth, Benjamin and Derek scenes, some of them are pretty funny ^__^

Kenneth Ma (Cheung Yat Kin) - I loved Kenneth's acting and his character!!! Really enjoyed watching him. I totally didn't expect him to be such a strict person at the beginning. And I love his pro-ness :D Kenneth needs some recognition. He was so awesome from Fistful as well yet he didn't get an award. I liked his relationship with his brother, he's such a nice brother.

Tavia Yeung (Fan Chi Yu) - I didn't like Tavia that much at the beginning coz she was being so bias to Kenneth and especially how somehow in the beginning that they couldn't save both people. And also with the kid. Kenneth was correct, but she was just being bias. But anyway, slowly, her character became more likeable.

Him Law (Yeung Pui Chung) - He was a really funny character at the beginning, also really enjoyed watching him. He was way too carefree though, his moments with the patient that died later were funny. It was also nice seeing him grow and mature and start becoming serious. :) I thought Him and Candy's (Kan Jing Jing) sudden development (although there wasn't much..) was O.o since they knew each other for so long already... its like tvb wanted to shove someone to his character LOL. Anyway, i also liked the contrast at the end how he was the specialist trainee to be scolding the newbies just like him and Yat Kin Tou, somehow likes how he choose Neurology.

Mandy Wong (Hung Mei Suet) - I find her name easy to member lol. Mandy's character is alright but I didn't like how she was being so competitive, and how she kinda ruined Kenneth and Tavia. I liked her and Benjamin but it was like... a sudden development in the last two episodes lol. She's improved alot but I dont seem to sense her as the

Derek Kwok (Liu Siu Yat) - Was that really his name?! O.o I thought it was Siu something...else LOL. His eyes.... they weren't that annoying but its funny XD He and the Senior Nurse are funny.

Actor: KENNETH!!
Actress: Tavia
Least Favorite Character: N/A
Funny Character: Him Law
Improved Character: Him or Mandy?!
Couple: Kenneth & Tavia
Scenes: I mentioned a couple before.
My rate to this series: 8.5/10

Worth Watching?
Definitely! I think many people didn't expect it to be good. I saw comments on youtube that people don't plan to watch lol, i was instantly thinking, then that's a loss for you! XD The story is interesting and the actors did a good job, its definitely worth watching, there's so much newbies too like Candy.. (Kan Jing Jing) Nathan (Kenneth's brother).

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