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Magic To Win Short Thoughts
Name: Magic To Win
Cast: Louis Koo, Wu Chun, Karena Ng, Raymond Wong, Wu Jing, Tonny Jan, Yan Li

Last night, started watching Magic To Win. I've seen the trailer of this movie many times when I was in Hong Kong and always wanted to watch this coz the effects seemed pretty good and Wu Chun speaks cantonese!! XD
The movie wasn't too bad in the end, it was alright and I enjoyed it. Most of the hk movies I watch are the funny types, never tried this type. I wish Louis Koo would've appeared more though, he was only in a few scenes, it was mostly the Professor, the new girl and Wu Chun. I didn't like Karena's character, she was pretty annoying to me in the beginning. And her acting is really stiff and fake really... no offense.. she needs to improve. I think its her first time acting though?!
The movie makes magic seem so convenient =w= The fight with Wu Chun and Wu Jing was nice, the effects and stuff, they used light sabers too. Bet the unedited scenes would look very funny xD I thought the part where Wu Chun was transparent and went to find the professor was funny. Yan Li was there and she saw nothing but chalk writing on a black board and the professor was like, "It's ok, he's a friend, but he's just transparent" XD And the professor's glasses reminds me of Harry Potter LOL. I wonder if they did it on purpose.

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