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Hippocratic Crush Ep 1
Episode 1 was pretty interesting. Looking forward to next ep, hopefully it will be good too :)

Kenneth saves a kid that got into a car accident. He seemed all nice and everything in his first appearance.

Mandy Wong and Him Lai again XD Mandy is so serious this time compared to L'e......whatever XD They both got into the Neurosurgery section while Mandy finds it challenging and interesting whereas Him Law finds it boring.

Kenneth is actually very strict... Tavia, Mandy and Him Law are all trainees. I was a little shocked to see him so serious and strict. It seems he and Tavia actually already know each other. Later they mention that Tavia's father is actually Kenneth's mentor and Tavia doesn't like him.

I find Him Law pretty funny here. It's a contrast, first you see Mandy so pro with the needles and then Him Law is so bad at it. xD He obviously got a lecture from Kenneth after that. Him isn't suited to be a doctor here, he's really careless and gives you a feeling like he doesn't give a shit. I guess he turns more serious later. ^__^

And back to the kid that Kenneth saved. He got the kid to do a CT and it said he had this small thingy whatever is it... i no good at science okay, in his head. Tavia and the other doctor thinks it should be alright to let the kid go home, as that thingy will or should disappear itself slowly and therefore allowed him to go home. Kenneth insisted they had to double check if he is really alright., so they had an argument. Tavia tells him there are times where he is wrong. I think Tavia thinks Kenneth isn't really that pro o.o

Yes as expected, they realised the kid is not alright. So Kenneth was not wrong in the end. The kid was saved. Towards the end of the episode, Kenneth suggests that Tavia not to choose Neurosurgery but she got mad coz its her dream since a kid to be in that section.
Ok, thats basically it :D I dunno why I can't resize the pics... :/

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