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Tavia Yeung loses Nomination but win the support of Netizens
Source: 太陽報
Translated by: Kerochan (TYN)
In regards to the issue of Tavia Yeung not able to be nominated under 2008 "Best Actress" category, and only being able to be nominated under the "Best Supporting Actress" and "Most Improved Actress", a lot of netizens commented in forums that it is a waste. They brought up the old issue of Tavia already gotten the "Most Improved Actress" in 2003, and hence feel unfair for her to be nominated under "Most Improved" category again. Many think that her performance in "Moonlight resonance" is outstanding. So they came to the conclusion that she is unable to get nominated under the "Best actress" category because TVB doesn't favour her. Some even suggested her leaving TVB and go to the Movie industry to further her career.
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