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Hi everyone. I know i lied. It was not a month. To be honest, I was back a while but I just seriously don't feel like blogging anymore.. I've been thinking of stop blogging for a while. I have really lost the interest in it. And I'm not as interested in TVB dramas as I used to be. I don't know, at the same time I also think its kind of a pity O_O I don't know... but yea I suppose I will just leave this blog as it is. If I ever feel like coming back on blogging, I'll be here. Sometimes I do feel like I want to share my thoughts with everyone. So I guess at those times I would post something? Although I'm as interested in watching TVB dramas, I will still continuing watching (since i have the cable tv here O_O LOL).

Simply TVB 4th Anniversary
All more small thing. AGAIN, I won't be here on the 4th anniversary of Simply TVB. So I'll make the post now.
5th January 2013
THANK YOU everyone for supporting this blog and continuing reading this blog. Never thought I would go for this 4 years with this blog. Although I haven't been updating this blog very recently, I do hope everyone would sometimes come by to see.
On a side note, I really want to change that header, been there for a while but I have no idea what I should use... I'll try figure it out XD
See ya peoples again soon!!
Announcement + Thoughts
Hi everyone! Yes, i have been on hiatus for over a month already. I have already finished my exams. I've just been lazy to come back to this blog. I'm surprised I'm still blogging really, despite getting tired of it already. But anyway, since I will be travelling to Hong Kong pretty soon I decided to leave the blog on hiatus again. And hopefully I will be able to blog again then. I will be back around probably February.
Since I haven't been blogging, I thought maybe I'll talk about my thoughts of the recent airing series.

Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles
To be honest, I have already dropped this series. I never looked forward to it but since it was an anniversary series, I did have some expectations in it. However, it disappointed me. At first, it wasn't too bad but slowly I got tired of watching it so I decided to stop. I don't know about everyone else, but I find it a bit disgusting seeing how Daimen with so many lives and each wife getting younger and of course I know they're acting. But anyway, it still doesn't appeal to me in any way. I was also expecting Kenneth's character to be more interesting but sadly it wasn't anything special. Do hope his character will be more interesting later on but I won't be watching. Rebecca Zhu was okay, her character, however, I thought she was quite annoying at some point where Ron went missing (well she thought he died). Hope she doesn't take revenge on Kenneth or maybe his father later...? Since that was around where I stopped. As for Idy, her character is extremely boring. I did have a bit of expectations for her character since she doesn't act much but yea her character is quite disappointing to watch. Her feelings seem to keep waver and she just makes her relationship with her husband become worse and worse. And I believe she made it even worse when she thought he beat up Ben. And as for Sire Ma, I looked forward to seeing her and Adrian (it IS Adrian right?!?! XD Can never tell them two apart). They seemed like a nice couple to watch but I don't know if I missed some episodes or they decided to make some of their moments memories....? Anyway, that's about all.

The Confidant
Also, had no expectations of this series but it turned out better than Silver Spoons. So far, I find the series pretty interesting. Just hope this doesn't turn boring and go downwards. I very like Power's character here. He started off very annoying, in other words a jerk. But slowly we see him change and becomes friends with Wayne. He's quite funny to watch. Also really like what he says stuff like "好好地唔得既". Anyway, I'm quite enjoying the series, it's not like it's THAT good but watchable. I keep wondering if Natalie plays a villain. She somehow looked evil to me in the theme video but she turned out to be quite a good girl at the moment. I don't really like Raymond Cho, he looks like one of those that will definitely turn evil soon. I think Edwin will also turn evil since he's following Raymond around now.

Anyway, that's about all... I also wanted to complain about the awards nomination.
I have TOTALLY lost my faith in TVB.... That nomination list is so absurd. SO many people didn't get nominated in it such as Ron Ng, Selena Li, Natalie Tong and.. who else? There's probably more? Whereas Eliza Sam, a total newbie and her first year gets nominated in 3 categories. Quite unfair if you ask me. I don't dislike Eliza but isn't she a bit too fast... but her popularity is seriously... WOW.... But anyway... been all decided, nothing we can do about it... let's hope the awards will be deserving this year. :)

I keep wondering... ya know the voting this year, it's Hong Kong citizens allowed to vote, what about Hong Kong citizens NOT living in Hong Kong? LOL I never bothered to vote any years before, was wondering if I should... :/
Ok, this is the end :D Hope you enjoyed reading this... HAHA was sure long...
YES!!.... I'm going on HIATUS!! For a month or so... Why? Because my final exams are coming up VERY soon... and I gotta study and prepare... Well.. that's it. Have a great day peoples~ :D I'll be back soon.. hopefully ;D
I probably might reply tagboard comments though, since its not like I'm gonna study 24/7 XD

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